Projects Supported by the Alexander Trust

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Below are examples of projects we’ve supported in the past:

Paths to the Alexander Technique

A collection of stories by pupils and teachers of the Alexander Technique on how the Technique have changed their lives.

Published by HITE 2015.

An introduction to the Alexander Technique DVD

An introduction to the Alexander Technique by Dr. Wilfred Barlow, showing Dr Barlow teaching. It was produced by Linda and Paul McCartney in the early 1980s and has never previously been released.

Published by David Reed Media 2011.

Alexander Technique Congress DVDs

The Trust sponsored the publication of the 18-DVD set of workshops and lectures of the first International Congress of the Alexander Technique in Stony Brook, New York, in 1986.

Published by David Reed Media 2011.

2008 Alexander Technique Congress
The Trust partially sponsored the International Congress of the Alexander Technique in Lugano, Switzerland. The Trust also supported the publication of the Congress Papers.

The Papers were published in two volumes by STAT in 2009.

The Alexander Technique – A Scientist’s Approach CD
Chris Stevens was a teacher of the Technique for over 20 years. He researched various aspects of the human support mechanism and their relation to the Technique. This interview with Stephanie Smith was made shortly before his death and summarises his thinking on the Alexander Technique.

Published by David Reed Media 2008.

Introductory Alexander Technique DVD
Known as the “The Head Leads and the Body Follows” this is a professional introductory video, featuring many well-known teachers. 25 mins. DVD. Produced by Rafaele Joudry.

Published by In Such A Way Productions in 1996.

F. M. Alexander’s Talking Books

The Trust funded the complete and unabridged recordings of Alexander’s four books. They were read by Marjory Barlow, a niece of F. M. Alexander and produced by Trevor Allan Davies.

Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual was produced on eight cassette tapes and published by STAT Books in 2000. Not currently available.

The Expanding Self
Often referred to as the Binkley diaries this is the most extensive and vivid record of how F. M. Alexander taught. Goddard Binkley had lessons with Alexander 1951-53 and subsequently trained as a teacher.

Published by STAT Books in 1993.

Not to Do
A personal diary by Fiona Robb of her twenty-one lessons with Margaret Goldie between 1995 and 1996. Margaret Goldie was an exceptional teacher who was on Alexander’s first teacher training course in 1931-34.

Published by Camon Press in 1999.

Highlights from the 1999 International Congress
Highlights from workshops, lectures and presentations at the 6th International Congress of the Alexander Technique, 1999 in Freiburg, Germany. 144 mins. DVD.

Produced and published by David Reed Media in 2000.